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You Matter Dude - Fatherhood Statistics

Hey best dad in the world. In case you're feeling like no matter how hard you try, your parenting doesn't matter, take a look at these facts and look at how important your job is. Research shows that 18.4 million children in the United States are raised without a father, step-father, or adoptive father in the home. That amounts to 1 in 4 children. That's a crazy huge amount. If I told you that when you go to the store today, you'll see 1 in 4 people are wearing a giant purple hat, that would be hard to miss. Yet we don't even notice how many children don't have a dad around.

Here's the impact on fatherhood statistics we see from that: Children who grow up in a home without a father figure:

  • Have 4x higher risk of being in poverty

  • 2x greater risk of infant mortality

  • 2x more likely to suffer from obesity

  • 2x more likely to drop out of school

  • 7x (that's right 7) more likely to become pregnant as a teen

Also making the list is higher chance of having behavior problems, experiencing abuse and neglect, abusing drugs and alcohol, committing crimes and going to prison.

Inversely, having a father figure in the home can lower the risk of all of the aforementioned items as well as lowering the risks of:

  • Low birth weight

  • Poor performance in school

  • Suicide

  • Fewer behavior problems in boys

  • Fewer psychological problems in girls

Look at that. Just being involved with your kids can improve their lives in so many ways and that's why we dad. So next time you're feeling useless, just be there and do your best. It'll pay off in your kids lives.

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