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The Best Dad in the World!

Recently, I became a dad.

When I first found out, I thought this would be a piece of cake. All I need to do is pay the bills and brush up on my dad-jokes, right? I was VASTLY unprepared for what was to come. Everyone's experience is different and what is easy for one might be trifficult for another (yes, I said "trifficult". If you know, you know). Although I was unprepared, I learned so many lessons almost immediately. I learned that my relationship with my spouse was a new relationship, I learned that I could do hard things, and I learned that if I was going to thrive, I had to change and become a new person. A dad.

I've gone through stages in my life. One stage would usually blend seamlessly into the next and before I knew it, I was different and adapted into my new role. That was until the day my daughter was born. I suddenly became the vice president of risk management, procurement, logistics, finance, and whatever other corporate role you can think of. Stressed out and overworked, thinking that one day the baby will sleep through the night, and one day I won't have to change any poopy diapers, and one day I can reason with her and explain why the restaurant is not an appropriate place to scream at the top of your lungs. It doesn't have to be this hard right?

This is the point I was at when I learned that I needed to change and become a new creature. A dad

My brother has had a prestigious law career for the past 10 years and he is THE MOST involved father to 4 boys even though he's busy and has a million things on his plate. The first thing he does when he gets home, is wrestle all 4 of his boys. I once told him I'm tired when I get home and I usually sit on the couch for a minute and look at my phone. He changed my life with his response. "Sometimes I think about doing that and then I remember, I'm the best dad in the world!"

Life. Changing.

Now I get home from work, tired, and I want to collapse on the couch, but then I remember, I'm the best dad in the world!

My wife tells me that she's too tired to make dinner. That's not a problem, because I'm the best dad in the world!

Of course just thinking this doesn't just make it so. But the mindset is there. If I think it, I can be it. I constantly remind myself that my most important job is to be the best dad that I can be. Even the best dad in the world!

Basically, the whole point of this blog is to help us dads build up and be our best to help our children be their best and the first step is change. I constantly remind myself that I need to be the best dad in the world, and that helps me become more. So remember, you are the best dad in the world.

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